Trust by Tabitha Darling – Spotlight


Title: Trust

Children of Chiron #1

Author: Tabitha Darling



Centaurs arrive on Earth, they are dying. Hoping to get help from humanity, war breaks out instead. The last infant must be saved! As one centaur, Ieang struggles to keep the infant girl alive, he finds himself not only trapped on this planet but on the run. In desperation he and his companion capture one of the enemy humans, in the hopes she will care for the infant. Every day the baby lives, is precious.




About the Author:

She is the author of ten works of fiction and nonfiction. (Eight soon to be released)

Life and career:
She is wife to a robot builder and mom to a toddler. By day, she is a barefoot farrier, horse trainer, and riding instructor. She lives in Texas, with her husband, toddler, three horses, three hens, three geese, and three doves.

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