The Stratus Estate by M. Coté Warner – Spotlight

Title: The Stratus Estate

Author: M. Coté Warner


The first of a planned trilogy, the story is told through the eyes of main character Phillip Stratus who lives in the very distant utopian future. There is something different about Phillip – he lives with his large, quirky, adoptive family, all of whom are powerhouse players in the City of Tarkenwore; and he is best friends with Vive Tarkenwore, the heiress to the prodigious throne of Earth. Vive is the conceptual child of Queen Nacthelian and King Hasamelis, very tall supernatural beings that have ruled the planet for 2,000 years.  Phillip and Vive have many unusual adventures together before the age of 14. However, they soon begin to discover exactly what makes Phillip different from all other Terrans.



To purchase “The Status Estate” please visit Deinoncoté Studios or Amazon. 


About the Author:M. Cote Warner

Morgan Coté Warner is an accomplished artist who spent 10 years of imagining, drawing, conceptualizing and writing to bring her debut novel “The Stratus Estate” to life all the while battling an extreme illness she is still recovering from. Inspired by the works of authors such as J.K. Rowling and C.S. Lewis, Warner is excited to introduce readers to her own science fiction and fantasy world. She currently lives in Eagle River, Alaska with her boyfriend and two goofy dogs.


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