Visions of a Dream by Justine Johnston Hemmestad – Spotlight 


Title: Visions of a Dream

Author: Justine Johnston Hemmestad


Visions of a Dream focuses on the spiritual fire that ignites Alexander the Great’s actions as he learns from the other cultures he comes into contact with. His closest relationships vie for his love but they also provide the steel he needs to be sharpened spiritually and emotionally, for before he conquers the world he must first conquer his own mind. He is inclusive of all people, all cultures, and all religions and he lives that belief. Alexander’s relationships with his fellow man knows no restrictions, nor does his love of the sublime.





About the Author:

Justine Johnston Hemmestad’s TBI recovery story is in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries, and she truly hopes it can help others going through medical traumaShe began college in the mid-2000s, part time as she and her husband raised 7 kids and she continued to research and write Visions of a Dream. She he has earned her BLS from The University of Iowa and is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Literature through Northern Arizona University and she hopes to teach creative writing and literature in the future.

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