Fangdemonium by Lucienne Diver – Blog Tour


Title: Fangdemonium

Author: Lucienne Diver

Publisher: Lore Seekers Press
Price: $6.99
Release date: July 17th, 2017


Fanged and fabulous…and hunted.

Gina Covella, fashionista of the fanged, and her entourage are primed to reveal the existence of vampires on the popular Ghouligans television show, when their former federal handlers swoop in to shut them down and imprison the vamps in one of their super secret testing facilities. Or not so secret, as the gang knows all about the horror hospitals and has sworn to take them down.

Their daring escape runs them right into the arms of “the resistance”—a group of humans and vampires who’ve joined together to stop the fighting that’s made Gina and her boy Bobby’s hometown a bloody battlefield. Going home brings them back to old nemeses as well, including the psycho psychic who declared Gina “chaos” and Bobby “the key”. They hope he’ll unlock the secret of stopping the Feds’s freakshow experiments for good, because they’re building up to something big. Huge. And they’re consolidating their power in the Big Easy, aka New Orleans, where what’s cooking is nothing less than the final showdown.



“You like Star Wars?” Bobby asked, incredulous.

“Why not?” she challenged. “Even the prequels were okay . . . I mean, Amidala was like a Project Runway show and an extreme hairstyling competition all in one.”

Imanyi looked at them both like they were crazy.

“Do you have any milk or anything we can use on our faces?” Bobby asked suddenly, and I thought that it was hardly the time for a milk bath, but I wasn’t going to say anything.

“Milk?” Imanyi asked.

“It’s a base. It might counteract the burn. Although, since garlic and holy water aren’t acids, except to vampires, I don’t really know. But Marcy and I are going to need blood soon if we’re going to heal.”

Imanyi shifted subtly away. “No milk. No blood. At least not from me. We’ll be joining up with the others soon. Maybe then—”

I’d been watching Imanyi, just as she’d been studying us. She was like a live wire, all tension and distrust. She’d grabbed us out of that mob. Saved us, in her view. But she didn’t like being trapped in the van with three vamps. She wasn’t sold on us. I couldn’t really say I blamed her. When facing down folks with steak knives for teeth, you couldn’t help but wonder if you looked like filet mignon.

Author Interview:

1.What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

I’ve missed Gina and her gang so much! She’s so wonderfully snarky and in charge. I love the way that she doesn’t really agonize over things. She thinks to do something and then goes for it. It doesn’t always work out for her, of course, but as someone who over-analyzes everything, it’s wonderfully refreshing. I love writing a character who’s so unlike me. And while we’re on that topic, I’m thrilled that I got to reunite with Alistaire, my “psycho psychic,” as Gina calls him. He is absolutely the most fun character to write. Deadly, yet somehow endearing.

2.What inspires you?

Everything! Travel, snippets of overheard conversations, real-life crime stories, people I’ve known and loved…or not. My novels often start with characters talking in my head, and I have to give them storylines and others to play with so they’ll leave me alone. But I get bored with them in the same place each time, whether that’s metaphorically or geographically, which is why I love to throw something paradigm-altering into each book if I can. Often I’ll take them on a grand adventure as well. The Vamped series goes from the made-up town of Mozulla, Ohio to Wappingers Falls, NY to Tampa, FL, then Salem, MA, back to Mozulla and even to New Orleans. Out of all of those locales, I think Salem was the most inspiring. When I started Fangtastic, my fourth Vamped novel, I was under contract, but I didn’t have a story in mind yet, not really. I did know, though, that I wanted to take my gang to Salem, the most haunted town in America. So, I went there myself. Luckily, I had a native guide, a gothic magician who might bear some resemblance to a character in the novel. We knew each other from back in the days when I worked in a haunted house attraction (which also enjoys a cameo in one of the Vamped novels). Anyway, because of that, I was able to get a good feel for the town and what it was like behind the scenes. I was so inspired by the stories and the shops and the people that I left with my plot fully formed. It’s one of my favorite books in the series to this day.

3.How do you feel about ebooks vs print?

I love books any way I can get them! However, I do so much reading on my Kindle for work (since I’m a literary agent as well as a writer), that when I read for pleasure, I much prefer physical books.

4.What do you like to read in your free time?

I wish I had more free time! I’m a voracious reader. I love young adult because of the pacing and the speed at which we get to the heart of the story. I love mystery and suspense. I love science fiction and fantasy, whit and whimsy, a strong sense of the absurd. I love romance and alpha heroes and heroines and…well, you name it. I love to read. I read signs, cereal boxes…just about anything but directions.

5.Where did your love of books come from?

My family. I come from a huge family of readers. My mother devours romance; my aunt and uncle introduced me to fantasy; my father reads science fiction and thrillers; my grandmother was a mystery buff. I didn’t really become hooked myself until I was stuck in the hospital (I grew up a severe asthmatic) and my mother started reading to me The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Then she did the most brilliant thing ever—she left the unfinished book on my bedside. Well, I was hooked. I couldn’t wait until she returned to find out what happened with Mary and Dickon and Colin. (I was already half in love with Dickon by then.) I had to keep reading. After that, I never stopped. I devoured everything anyone gave me and then raided their shelves for more. I’m sure they had no idea of half of what I read or they might have put a stop to that!



head shot poss4About the Author:

Lucienne Diver is the author of Vamped young adult series (think Clueless meets Buffy) and the Latter-Day Olympians urban fantasy series from Samhain, which Long and Short Reviews called “a clever mix of Janet Evanovich and Rick Riordan”. Her short stories have appeared in the KICKING IT anthology edited by Faith Hunter and Kalayna Price (Roc Books), the STRIP-MAULED and FANGS FOR THE MAMMARIES anthologies edited by Esther Friesner (Baen Books) and her essay “Abuse” was published in DEAR BULLY: 70 Authors Tell Their Stories (HarperCollins). More information can be found on her website:


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