Albian Road by Peter Idone – Spotlight 

63647023_High Resolution Front Cover_4754544Title: Albion Road

Author: Peter Idone


ALBION ROAD is a detectiveless detective story set in the early months of the year 2000. Steiner, a middle aged accountant, smart, but by his own admission plagued by ennui, is asked by the wife of an old college friend, Roger Delwyn, to uncover the relationship her husband had with a man named Harry Corvair. The wife, Suzanne Delwyn, wants to know why this name was the last words her husband uttered as he lay dying. Steiner embarks on a dark twisting path to uncover the true relationship between his old friend and the enigma named Harry Corvair. Steiner is thrust into the sordid details of the Delwyn family history and some unsavory characters that had populated Roger’s life, uncovering an aspect of his friend that he did not know existed.

Interspersed throughout the narrative of Steiner’s amateur investigation are anecdotes and flashbacks of the relationship he had with Roger Delwyn from their college years and the years following that highlight the friend he knew as a man of intelligence and sharp wit with a salacious sense of humor. And now, since Roger’s death, Steiner comes to realize that his friend actually harbored a disquieting darkness.




About the Author:

Born in New York, Peter Idone was a graduate of the School of Visual Arts and over the years has resided in Manhattan, Seattle, and most recently New England. During his  ‘wilderness years’ he has traveled throughout North and Central America, in an attempt to get a clear fix on the place and time he lives in. When he isn’t working or writing he’s always keeping an eye out for the strange and the astonishing. Aside from his novels THE SACRIFICE AREA and RED VENGEANCE his latest novel is ALBION ROAD.

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