The Holtur Enigma by Cameron Wayne Smith – Spotlight 

34996546Title: The Holtur Enigma

Author: Cameron Wayne Smith


The monsters you fear are nothing compared to the ones you do not.

With the threat of a monstrous army arising, Vivian has set off towards the town of Holtur. His job is to conscript the toughest men he can find, in a location known for producing some of the best monster slayers around. However, Holtur has its own issues, and helping this stranger is far from a priority.

Will Vivian convince the people of Holtur to help his cause? Or will he fall victim to the beasts, wyverns, or horrors that surround the town? It doesn’t take long for him to discover that he was nowhere near prepared for this godforsaken land.




426BW-768x980About the Author:

Cameron Wayne Smith was born in 1986 in Maitland, Australia and grew up in the Hunter region of New South Wales. Before making the decision to plunge into writing full time, he worked in hospitality and tourism. His previous positions allowed him to romp through the outback, telling cultural and historical stories as a tour guide, while others involved sharing a tale whilst pouring ale.

Outside of writing, Cameron’s hobbies include travelling to unique places, bush-walking through areas barely touched by man, snorkeling through underwater domains, leaping from perfectly intact planes with a parachute, and brewing his own beer—dark ale and ginger being his speciality. He also loves all the geeky fantasy and science fiction stuff you can find in books, games, and on screen.

The idea to write a story, set in a fantasy world he created as a teenager, came to him in 2013. He wrote on and off for a couple of years, and in late 2015 self published the first instalment of the Necrosanguin series.  In June 2017 he released the final episode of Necrosanguin and is currently working on extending the Holtur series.

The desire to write, and the pleasure of storytelling, has been growing uncontrollably, and he has much planned for the future.

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