The Magician’s Curse by Linda G. Hill – Review by Layna

35484367Title: The Magician’s Curse

Author: Linda G. Hill


When Herman Anderson leaves home to make a better life for herself, she doesn’t expect to meet a tall, dark stranger with whom she’ll fall hopelessly in love.
Charming and mysterious, Stephen Dagmar is a stage magician seeking an assistant. The moment he sets eyes on Herman, he knows she’s the one. He brings her home to his Victorian mansion where they embark upon an extravagant romance. Yet a shadow hangs over their love. Will the curse on his family end Stephen and Herman’s happily ever after, before it really begins?
Amidst lace and leather, innocence and debauchery, The Magician’s Curse begins the Gothic tale of The Great Dagmaru. Magic and romance await.



Disclaimer: This book was provided directly from the author in exchange for an honest review


The Magician’s Curse had an interesting book blurb, it caught my interest and I decided to give it a go. I loved the prologue, I was hooked. It starts off with Herman leaving home, jumping on a train to go to a new job. There she meets Stephen. The attraction to one another is immediate but also different than either had experienced before. Herman can just tell there is something different about Stephen.

The story started out strong, gaining my attention quickly. I feel there is potential for this story. It had a lot of great elements but I also felt there was room for improvement. Herman is seventeen, soon to be eighteen. She is naïve to say the least, which I suppose is something normal for her age, although there were times I did not like her as a character. Stephen, however is older. He performs magic, something that I would have liked to see more of. Stephen has a curse on his family and he tries to break it now that he has found Herman.

There were times in the story that I wasn’t sure what was going to happen or how the story would pan out. I kept reading, trying to get more detail and the answers to my questions. This book was entertaining but I felt there were times it would drag on. I was hoping for more details about both Stephen and Herman and their lives. This is the first in the series and I do hope that certain issues are addressed later on. This book was recently released and I suggest giving it a read. It may just strike your interest!






15577348About the Author:

Linda G. Hill was born and raised an only child in Southern Ontario, Canada. She credits the time she spent alone when she was growing up, reading books and building worlds and characters of her own to keep her company, as the reason she became a writer.

A stay-at-home mom of three beautiful boys, Linda is a graduate of the Writing Program at St. Lawrence College in Brockville, Ontario. Aside from caring for her family, she enjoys traveling the world, eating trout cooked on the barbecue, and, of course, reading.

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