Anna: The Little Tokyo Chapter Jason Keating – Spotlight

LA - front cover

Title: Anna: The New Los Angeles Chapter

Author: Jason Keating


The year is 2039 and the world is divided, split into eight remaining cities across the globe. After a virus was leaked into the world over 90% of the worlds population is deceased. All survivors are now living in one of the eight safe cities.

Humanity returning from the brink of extinction is living alongside a race of human synthetics called Anna.

When a monster starts hunting down these machines for what seems like sport its up to one day dreaming, caring, honest police officer to track and stop this monster.

But not all is as it seems when he digs further into the case is tasked with. With questions following every answer, can he survive in a city turning against him long enough to get to the bottom of the mystery? All whilst fighting to get the love of his back for good.

A futuristic murder mystery set in the city of New Los Angeles, its one taking on the city that raised him. Who will come out on top?

Author Note:

Half way through the book, Kyle becomes heavily injured at an assault on ‘the core’ and ends up in a coma, which proceeds with a chapter of him facing his subconscious fears. After this he is unable to move properly but continues to investigate which eventually leads to him becoming one of these Anna, unaware that she was ever Kyle. When the truth surfaces he struggles to live with the machine inside his head, or whether he is the voice inside hers. This is a twist that comes in at about chapter 19 and revealed a few chapters later.


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LT - Front CoverTitle: Anna: The Little Tokyo Chapter

Author: Jason Keating


Set in the year 2041 in the new found city of Little Tokyo, two years after the events of New Los Angeles, this story follows the tale of General Kiyomi Sasaki.

Shipped out to war as the Arlington Virus ravaged the world, a destructive virus that nearly eliminated humanity back in 2021. General Kiyomi Sasaki managed to survive against all odds against the civil resistance and the killer virus, to begin a new life in the mountains.

When that life is interrupted, Kiyomi is kidnapped and forced into the newly created city of Little Tokyo, where humans live alongside a new race of synthetic humans named Anna. Kidnapped so her superior combat skill can used as a weapon.

In 2036 five years later she is locked away inside Little Tokyo maximum correctional facility to serve a life sentence.

After five years of captivity, Kiyomi makes a daring escape only to be heavily injured. Being saved by a Doctor and his blind young daughter. Kiyomi begins her own personal vendetta to take revenge on the people who locked her up in the first place. Yet there is more questions she constantly finds herself asking, who is this doctor? What happened to his daughter? What is their connection to the people she wants dead?

After things go drastically wrong, Kiyomi Sasaki, a self centred, uncaring women finds herself in a beginning to form new relationships with the family.

This is a cat and mouse tale of one woman’s revenge against a city she despised and its citizens all whilst being chased by an insane synthetic that has a unhealthy obsession with her.

Will she make it to the end? What is with this weird family that saved her? Who is this crazy machine that stalks her to the end of the earth?

A gruesome tale of survival in a new world order that’s turning mad, this is Anna: The Little Tokyo Chapter

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About the Author:

About me as an author, I am 23 and these are the very first books I have wrote and I hope to continue writing more after the series is complete. I write as a hobby and a distraction from a mild form of anxiety I suffer from which often makes me hear voices inside my own head, which I believe helped me put character and relate to these people I created in my books, it makes them feel real to me and hopefully the reader. I have not been able to as of yet due to only just starting to publicize these books existence, but I plan to donate a quarter of each profit I make to a charity, which helps mothers suffering through premature births, a thing I seen happen and would like to support.


This is the first book in a four part series I an writing named Anna – The Series. The second book, Anna – The Little Tokyo Chapter is already out a on sale, which is a cat and mouse chase about a former general seeking revenge on a insane version of one of the Anna who betrayed her and blinded a young girl, a girl the general takes under their wing. I am currently working on the third book which is a survival tale of a French woman named Freya Valentina, who is trying to survive the world sinking into chaos during the virus reign and how she becomes the very first Anna.


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