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Book Blurb

When sixteen-year-old Judith meets Cain, she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. Cain is the most beautiful human being Judith has ever seen, but he hides a dangerous secret. When Jo-Jo, Cain’s surrogate father, offers her a job, she accepts, unaware she’s been recruited as a pawn in Jo-Jo’s ecoterrorist plot.

THE NEW RECRUIT is a timely story, exploring how, without love and support from those around them, our disenfranchised youth can be so easily misguided.

Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance, Girls & Women
Pages: 214
Release Date: 1 July 17

Sixteen year old Judith Abraham feels like an outsider. She has just transferred to a new school, has only one friend, and suffers from social anxiety, but when recruiter Cain Barrett offers her a job, her whole life changes. Things are great at first, but the more she learns about Cain’s world of climate crusaders, the more she questions his motives behind singling her out. Will Judith find a way out before it’s too late?

THE NEW RECRUIT is the first book of a trilogy (followed by Indoctrination) by author Elise Abram, winner of the 2015 A Woman’s Write competition for I WAS, AM, WILL BE ALICE. THE NEW RECRUIT is a young adult contemporary romance for the new millennium. In a time when jobs are scarce, politics are unstable, and the future is uncertain, millennials are ripe for recruitment by cults, groups offering a stable world view in exchange for total devotion. THE NEW RECRUIT is meant to be a cautionary tale exploring how, without love and support from those around them, our disenfranchised youth can be so easily misguided.

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Guest Post:

I Scare Myself

Majoring in Cultural Anthropology in university was an eye-opener for me. The theory of evolution, the fact that Canada had institutionalized residential schools for First Nations Peoples, and the existence of cults were foreign concepts to me. The four years spent at post-secondary school definitely helped shape who I am today, sparking a love of research that has turned me into a life-long learner. Out of all the courses I took at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, the one that sticks out the most was one entitled Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion, primarily due to the experience I had while researching and writing the final paper.

I had always sort of known of the existence of cults—we passed the Hare Krishna temple on Avenue Road every time we drove to downtown Toronto—but I had no idea how many of them there were. The ones that piqued my interest when writing the final paper for the course were those preaching Satanism.

Wait! Before you click away, know that this is not about the fruits of my research—there were no word processors back then and the paper has long since been lost. No, this is about the research process, itself—consider it an un-bedtime story, if you will.

I set out to immerse myself in researching the topic of Satanic cults one day in the library, and the results were nothing but a comedy of errors, making my essay seem doomed from the start. Let me take you on a brief trip back to the late eighties for a moment, a time when cell phones and interconnected computers were still the stuff of science fiction. To do my research, I spent hours on end thumbing through actual card catalogues, wandering the shelves to search up periodical indices, and then photocopying the articles to take them home to read at my leisure. Expensive, yes, but the alternative would have been to camp out in the stacks, and it was more comfortable working at my own desk than sheltered in a carrel for days on end.

I started to get spooked when most of the books for which I searched were gone from the shelves. Not only that, but quite a few of the volumes containing periodical articles were missing, and articles had been missed during the curatorial process or ripped from its binding entirely. Before long, I realized writing the paper was going to be anything but a cake walk, more devil’s than angel’s food, if you’ll pardon the pun. The final, spooky straw was when I was sitting in my dorm room in the wee hours of the night reading the Satanic Bible—an actual copy of the Satanic Bible—that I started to freak out and I realized the research process was doomed and I had to quit and just write with what I had.

My reason for telling this story is that this experience piqued an interest in me, something that still resonates to this day. Maybe that’s why my latest novel, THE NEW RECRUIT, was something I had to write as a way to exercise my own demons with respect to the impression the experience left on me.

In THE NEW RECRUIT, sixteen year old Judith Abraham is approached by a charismatic young man who, unbeknownst to her, indoctrinates her into his cult of ecoterrorists. Will Judith be able to escape before it’s too late? Read THE NEW RECRUIT to find out.

Watch for INDOCTRINATION to read the next chapter in Judith’s story.


Author Bio

Elise Abram is high school teacher of English and Computer Studies, former archaeologist, editor, publisher, award winning author, avid reader of literary and science fiction, and student of the human condition. Everything she does, watches, reads and hears is fodder for her writing. She is passionate about writing and language, cooking, and ABC’s Once Upon A Time. In her spare time she experiments with paleo cookery, knits badly, and writes. She also bakes. Most of the time it doesn’t burn. Her family doesn’t seem to mind.

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