Sweet Summer Wine and Simply Bittersweet by London Michelle – Review by Layna

35105761Title: Sweet Summer Wine

Wine Tasting #1

Author: London Michelle


Giselle is forced to end her summer visiting her father and his new wife for two weeks. She’s at odds with him over the one guy that makes her feel alive, Ryker, her step-mother’s nephew. She must choose whether she’s willing to go against her father’s wishes to experience what could possibly be the love of her life, or will she obey her father and give Ryker up forever.

Giselle and Ryker must decide if they’re feelings are worth pursuing in this sexy, summer series.

DISCLAIMER: This series includes very intense and mature content.




35206996Title: Simply Bittersweet

Wine Tasting #2

Author: London Michelle


Giselle and Ryker can’t seem to get enough of each other and risk so much to keep their intimacy a secret. When her step-mother starts trouble at the family picking party, Giselle wishes she was anywhere but there.

Ryker tries to be there for her, but is Giselle willing to take the chance of losing what relationship she has left with her father for the man that could be her only salvation?





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Disclaimer: This book was provided directly from the author at no cost in exchange for an honest review


The Wine Tasting series is a fast paced, new adult erotic tale of Ryker and Giselle. The books are very short and can easily be read in one sitting. This review is for the first two parts in the series. The story moves along quickly and the romance blossoms within a few days of meeting one another. Although the romance side of things happens almost instantly, I have enjoyed the story thus far.

Giselle has a wicked step mother who won’t let her do much of anything and makes life difficult whenever possible. Giselle’s step mother and father try to keep her away from Ryker. They keep their relationship a secret from their family, Ryker is Giselle’s step mother’s nephew. Their romantic relationship is forbidden by Giselle’s father but they find a way to be together and sneak in time for one another. The stories end somewhat abruptly and I’m interested to see how this story pans out for Giselle and Ryker. Due to its content, I’d recommend this story for mature readers. This is a great story for those looking for straight to the point erotic romance!




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