Finding Light By: Skye Blake Review by Marie


Finding Light
By: Skye Blake
Kindle Edition, 205 pages

Published January 30th 2017 by Skye Blake

Summary from Goodreads:


Just how much would you expect your life to change if you died and came back? Being a part-time paranormal investigator, Rayne Bledsoe has some experience with the supernatural. She is going about her life as a college student, art lover, and daydreamer when her world is suddenly turned upside down by a harrowing near-death experience. A whole new truth about who she really is will be revealed to her on the other side. Not only must she understand her new calling, she must learn who the intriguing and ruggedly handsome guardian named Fin is, whom she met there.

Now back on earth, she can’t get the elusive Fin out of her mind. Rayne fears him yet cannot fight her intense attraction to him. It seems he may feel the same way, as he keeps showing up in her world. Has she become his obsession?

An assemblage of malevolent spirits is growing stronger, threatening Rayne and all of mankind. With her new abilities, will she be strong enough to conquer it? Just how close will the evil get, can Fin stay and protect her, or will evil win out in the end?


I received this book from Reading Alley in exchange for my honest review.

Rayne has always had a fascination along with her brother for the paranormal, but when she comes close to death and is brought back everything changes….especially when there is Fin, the one she laid eyes on for those moments that she was so close to death, the deep intensity that lies between these two erupts quickly but all while it shouldn’t…..

Right from the first page you are left with no time to breathe, you are pulled right into the action, and quite frankly this book didnt slow down, it kept up a quick pace that built up along nicely with the plot and as the plot thickened you were pulled in deeper unable to pull yourself away from the pages, until all that is left is the last page.

The plot was different and unique in itself, and the characters and how they were written and portrayed went so well with the story it was hard not to be able to put together your own “fantasy cast”. I really did have a hard time grasping that I had finished the book in one sitting, not because it was in one sitting but mainly because now I’m left wanting more.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy paranormal romance novels as I am sure this one is sure to be a hit.

Finding Light is book one of the Guardian of My Soul Series. Look for Book 2 Summer/Fall 2017




Author Bio:
Skye Blake is a writer and author of Paranormal and Contemporary Romance. Her first book of the “Guardian of My Soul” series, “Finding Light,” was published in February of 2017. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and son but dreams of riding her powder blue cruiser bicycle on Venice Beach when it’s cold or dreary outside. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys reading, anything creative, and anything with caffeine. She believes in the all-consuming power of love and the enigmatic power of the supernatural side. Please look to more upcoming books by Skye in 2017. You can sign up for my newsletter on my website below for updates.

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