The Primordial Principles Book 1 & 2 Reviews by Marie


Release date: 26th October 2016
Publisher: Jagged Lane Books
Source: Netgalley


Kadence Sparrow wasn’t born a devil’s child-she was turned into one. Now, she’s hiding from the truth, and running for her life.

For years, Kade’s true nature has lurked behind an illusion, so when her dad gets another job transfer, she knows the drill: no close friends, no boyfriends, and most importantly: don’t expose what she is. Ever. Keeping secrets is easy. Lies are second nature. So is the loneliness and the fear, but when the Shadows attack and Kade meets Cole Spires, she could expose everything she’s trying to hide.

As one of the Celestial Children, Cole lives by an oath: defend the Ward, protect the Primordial race, guard the gateways, and stick to his own. Everything else is a distraction, and besides, he’s lost enough. Cole’s job is clear, and no one his age does it better. So, when he meets Kade in a club downtown, he assumes she just wants his attention. Most girls do, but Cole soon realizes … Kade isn’t like most girls.

The children of heaven and hell are living among us, fighting an age-old war. And falling for someone from the opposition is not an option. But a chance encounter between Kade and Cole will blur the rules as Kade’s journey to keep her truth hidden catapults them together and into a web of lies, forcing her to not only face the demon inside her but to answer the hardest question of all.

Which is thicker blood or water?


I received this copy from Netgalley in return for my unbiased opinion. As I searched for a series that could have me diving into another world, I came across this series – The Primordial Principles. I was instantly hooked by the synopsis and had to get my hands on a review copy. Fortunately, I got my wish.

The book starts off in a good pace as we start to see the plot brewing on the pages, I was excited as I thought this book was going to start off at a decent pace and work its way up to a point that I would be unable to put it down, however, it seems it was the opposite for me in this case. I found myself having trouble getting through the book, though it had a great starting point for the plot, I didn’t feel as if it built up to what I was hoping for.

Now this isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy the book, it was still a enjoyable read, just one that left me with mixed feelings of sorts, I loved the direction, just didn’t enjoy how I felt it dragged at certain points and had a lot of predictable twists and turns.

I would still recommend this book to those looking for something new to add to their lists, The second installment which I was lucky enough to get from Netgalley as well, is also going to be reviewed following below this one.




Daemoneum (The Primordial Principles #2) by Laney McMann

Published: 1st July 2016
Publisher: Jagged Lane Books
Source: Netgalley

Boulder, Colorado is too quiet, and no one needs to remind Cole Spires how unnatural that is.
In the aftermath of Dracon’s death, the Daemoneum have gone into hiding. Every known Hive has been shut down and evacuated, and for the first time in Cole’s memory, the Brotherhood, Kinship, and all common houses across the country and abroad are considering lockdown. Leygates are being systematically closed around the world, and the Primordial are waiting … 
In the bunker underneath the Brotherhood, Kade Sparrow is as safe as she can possibly be, or that’s the idea, but no one can explain how her Astrum necklace found its way into her bedroom. There were no footprints, no traces of breaking and entering, no evidence of any kind that someone had infiltrated the Brotherhood common house. Yet the necklace still sat on her night stand, wound in a perfect circle of gold, the tiny star glinting on its chain. And the only person who could have put it there … is dead. 
In the second installment of The Primordial Principles, strange occurrences are happening across the globe. Relationships will be tested, old players will become new, foes will turn into allies, and an unlikely adversary will force Cole and Kade to go on the run. 
As the fallen rise, the Primordial must unite as one. 
Or all could be lost.

I received this copy from Netgalley in return for my unbiased opinion. I was left with a sense of anxiousness when I finished the first installment of the series, anxious to see if the book would build up to what I know it could be or if it would be like the first. I do have to say I enjoyed the pace of the second book a lot more than the first. The book starts off with answers being searched for and the continuing plot boiling at the seams to capture it’s reader within the pages.

This book did just that, though I will say though I found this one a little harder to put down, I still had this longing sense for more. More from the plot, more from the characters, just something that would spark the flame and keep it burning. I did like this book, but it was just that I liked it. Would I recommend this to others? Yes, of course, everyone has their own opinions and know what they might find enjoyable to read.

I would recommend this to others, but also I highly recommend reading the first book first, I would not read this book, unless you have read through the first installment, as it can be a bit difficult to pick up where it left off previously.




About The Author:
Laney McMann is the author of The Fire Born Novels (TIED, TORN, & TRUE), The Primordial Principles series (CRYSTALLUM #1, DAEMONEUM #2 2016 ), and the upcoming CrossWorld Chronicles.

She is the product of very creative parents and the most imaginative grandmother ever. With an untapped passion for the supernatural and all things magical, her voracious appetite for reading fantasy started really young ~ and so did her love of words.

She writes young adult dark urban fantasy novels mixed with a spike of romance, a hint of history, a dash of mythology, and lots of paranormal. She also writes poetry.

On the non-writing side of life, Laney is a former classical dancer, music snob, chef, and a right-brained thinker to a fault. When she’s not dreaming up new dead ends to torture herself with, she spends her time running and playing her music way too loud.

Laney is formerly published by J. Taylor Publishing, formerly by Booktrope Editions Publishing, and Jagged Lane Books



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