Flashback Friday: Night Aberrations (Night Aberrations #1) by J.D. Nelson Review by Layna

26118334.jpgNight Aberrations (Night Aberrations #1) by J.D.  Nelson
Published on: September 27th 2012
Published by: Chaste Moon Publishing 

Emelie is betrothed to marry a king.
Any ordinary woman would consider it a fairytale come true.
For Emelie, this is a nightmare made manifest.

When Emelie Andersdotter learns the outcome of a decades-long war hinges on her arranged marriage to an infamous royal known for his dark reputation, she sees no choice but to accept her fate. Resigned to her unavoidable destiny, she travels to her parents’ ancestral home under the protection of a trusted family friend, where she prepares to navigate a world ruled by dark magic, mystery, and intrigue.

Nothing can prepare her, however, for the surprising affection she feels for the man she has always thought of as her uncle, Soren Vidar – or for the alluring reality of her intended mate, Kristian Vasen. Powerful and darkly handsome, her betrothed is far from the nightmare she envisioned, and Emelie finds herself torn between the intense pull she feels for her fated mate, and her heart’s desire for Soren.

Night Aberrations is a romantic tale, set in a complex world, populated with interesting and entertaining characters sure to leave you cheering for the heroes while casting reproachful glares at the villains.

Disclaimer: This review was previously posted on Lunar Havens Reviews & Designs


Emelie’s life is turned upside down when her parents are murdered. She is thrown into a paranormal world that she is not familiar with. Although she knows she is an elf, she has lived in the human world her whole life. After her parents death, she learns of her fate and how her parents were not who she thought they were. She learns that her mother changed her fate and now Emelie has to deal with the consequences and now has to take the place of her mother.

Night Aberrations is recommended for older readers, as there is sex and some violence. Personally, I enjoyed the romance in this story, not to mention the steamy sex scenes. Emelie has to chose between her love for Soren or her fated mate, Kristian. I don’t want to go too much into the details for there are a lot of spoilers and romantic plot twists.

I received Night Aberrations as a gift from JD Nelson directly, and I am truly glad I did. This book kept me reading and I recommend it to all those who love a good paranormal romance book. There are many different creatures in the books, so it isn’t just a typical paranormal book that just have one or two different type of paranormal creatures and beings. Thank you so much for allowing me to read and review. It was such a pleasant read and I can’t wait for the second to come out! This is the second book I have read by JD Nelson and this story is just as amazing as her other series: A Night of Wickedness.



About the Author:61Fxg1JQo2L._UX250_.jpg

JD Nelson is a Bestselling Author of Fantasy Romance and Paranormal Romance. She is also the owner of Chaste Moon Publishing, an independent publishing house. A transplant from Mobile, Alabama, she gave up Mardi Gras and frequent hurricanes to move to the earthquake capital of the United States, the San Francisco Bay Area. She now lives in Central Valley, California with her amazingly supportive husband and three cats who think they’re dogs.

Always short on time, JD has long ago mastered the art of procrastination and was recently crowned Procrastinator of the Year by her editor, which is only slightly better than her being voted Most Likely to Waste Time by Watching Vampire Movies by her readers last year. All jokes aside, JD is a boringly normal person who thinks that coffee pretty much fixes everything, as long as it’s before 6:30AM and the planet Mars is in retrograde. When she’s not spending time with her sexy Swedish husband, you can find her writing, reading, or on her commute to her day job where she wrangles paint onto canvas for the entertainment industry.

JD loves to hear from her readers. You can contact her through her website, AuthorJDNelson.com, or on Facebook, where she spends an alarming amount of time chatting to her many author and reader friends, much to the dismay of her continually neglected manuscripts.

Website: http://www.authorjdnelson.com/night-aberrations-series.html
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jdnelsonsnightaberrations

Available at:



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