Beg Me by Gisele St. Claire – Review by Layna

Title: Beg Me 
Author: Gisele St. Claire 
Genre: Dark Romance 

My stepbrother, Aiden, was all I had left. After he inherited his father’s multi-million dollar company, we entered a partnership. It wasn’t what I’d pictured. He wanted me to make the best use of my assets and paraded me in front of his business associates.

Then I saw him. Lucas Ferris. He wasn’t like the others who were middle-aged and pot-bellied. He was sex on a stick. Six foot four with inky black hair. I swear he smoldered when he looked at me. I did my work for Aiden that night and left, returned to my room and went to bed.

But the door opened later that night and I discovered that my stepbrother sold my virginity to Mr. Ferris and he was here to collect.

My revenge, when it comes, will be brutal and Aiden will discover he underestimated his sister. As for Mr Ferris, well he’s doing things to my body that I never thought I wanted but crave so much…

If you’re looking for a panty-melting read with a hot as hell male, a feisty female, and a twist you won’t see coming, read on!

Author’s Note* Some Scenes May Trigger Some Readers, Proceed With Caution, and all may not be as appears’

The synopsis grabbed my attention and I was excited to read this story. I figured from the blurb of the book that it would be something revolving around BDSM or some sort of kink. I wasn’t really prepared for the first sex scene. I’ll admit that I was a little put off by it and I wasn’t sure about continuing on. There are possible trigger inducing scenes, especially that very first one. I had to know what happened and I’m glad I continued reading on!
Aiden has got to be the worst brother I’ve read about, just absolutely evil. Regan relied on her brother once their parents died. She trusted him and he betrayed her in the most disgusting way. I loathe his character and I think he deserved the punishment Regan dished out.
This story wasn’t what I expected it to be just by reading the synopsis and no, that’s not a bad thing. It takes an unexpected twist and it was not something I saw coming.  You’ll just have to read it for yourself!

If you’re into quick, hot and sexy erotica romance with a twist then you’ve found the right gal!
 I love staying up late and watching my characters come to life on paper.


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