Flashback Friday: Word and Deed (Wordless Chronicles, #2) by Susannah Noel Review by Marie


Title: Word and Deed

Wordless Chronicles #2

Author: Susannah Noel

Publisher: self published @ Create Space

Published: December, 2012



Until three months ago, Riana lived a safe, quiet life as a Reader for the Union government, but her life is no longer quiet or safe.

She is now part of an underground rebellion, working closely with Connor, the covert leader of the movement and her best friend. Together, they’re trying to translate a mysterious book that might give them answers about the disaster that transformed their world.

Union officials want to arrest them, and radical Zealots want to destroy them. And Mikel, her Soul-Breather boyfriend, wants Riana to stop putting herself in danger for a cause he doesn’t support.

Then it gets even worse, when the Zealots start to frame them for violent acts of terrorism. Riana has to stay alive and juggle conflicting loyalties, deciding who to trust, where her heart lies, and what she really believes in.



Disclaimer: This review was previously posted on Lunar Havens Reviews & Designs


As most of you know I got the privilege of reviewing Word and Breath for Susannah Noel back when I was still an admin on Paranormal Reads. Once again Susannah has contacted me and asked if I would review Word and Deed for her….How could I refuse the chance to review it! I have been dying to get my hands on it since finishing Word and Breath, I needed to get more of the action and the romance.

This book picks up shortly after the events from the first book and because I was so pumped from the first book, I drove right into this one, however, I found myself reading Word and Deed a bit slower than I did with the first book, now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I just thought I would be flying through the pages like I did the first. Towards the middle and end the story picks up again and I was flying through the pages with ease. I really loved the interaction between the characters, I have to say though, and I know some people might hit me over the head for this…. But I am still on team Connor, I would love me a piece of Mikel *wink* don’t get me wrong, I just personally think that Connor is just for some reason a perfect fit for Riana and that she is meant to be with him.

Wow! Can I talk about the ending? O_O Well I can’t really talk about it, it would ruin everything, but once again Susannah has captured my attention and has left me with questions that need to be answered! The next book cannot come soon enough!

Intriguing and a great read to add to your “to-read” lists this year. I look forward to the next book in the series and want to extend my gratitude to Susannah as I was given a complimentary copy for my honest review. Thank you for allowing me to review you book.



About the Author:

Susannah wrote her first paranormal novel when she was twelve years old–a time-travel romance written in a spiral-bound notebook that eventually starred all her friends. Since then, she has been writing romantic fiction of all varieties, including paranormal, contemporary, and historical. She can usually be found working on her laptop.

She has a PhD in British literature and teaches at a university in Virginia. She is currently working on the third Wordless Chronicle.

 Website | Twitter


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