A Shot in the Dark by J.G. Sumner – Book Tour with Guest Post!

793697c8-de27-472d-ac73-fb62790257f9-10153-00000f551d35a0d7_tmpTitle: A Shot in the Dark

Author: J.G. Sumner

Romantic suspense
Date Published: February 1, 2017
Publisher: Limitless Publishing


A motorcycle crash forces Skyler Smith into Laney Pearson’s hospital, barely clinging to life…
As a trauma nurse, Laney works with surgeon Josh Stone to bring Skyler back from the brink of death and toward recovery. But what initially looks like nothing more than a freak accident may turn out to be much more dangerous—and maybe even deadly.

In the years they’ve worked together, Laney has never given Josh the time of day…
She thinks he’s nothing more than a pompous doctor looking for another notch to add to his belt. But caring for Skyler brings the pair closer, and Laney lets down her guard, allowing them the chance to find happiness together in the midst of so much destruction. But someone doesn’t want them to be happy. Someone wants Laney gone.

Threats might derail their love before it really starts…
As the couple tries to build their budding relationship, Laney begins to receive menacing messages. And when she and Josh learn that Skyler’s accident is anything but unintentional, they fight to balance finding the would-be killer with keeping keep Laney safe from her stalker. But each wild turn takes them further away from the truth…and each other.

Can Laney and Josh discover who is behind the violent acts, or is each guess they make nothing more than a shot in the dark?

Some accidents aren’t accidental…


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Josh had been a gentleman. At times, he seemed to be overprotective. In a way, she liked it. She loved knowing she didn’t have to look over her shoulder all the time and even began to let down her guard.

She dozed at one point and woke up to strong hands kneading her back. Until then, she hadn’t realized how her muscles had grown stiff from the boarding. She lifted her head. It took a moment for her to reorient herself.

“Good morning, Sunshine.”

She rolled over. She couldn’t help but admire his physical beauty. His body was a work of art; his chest and arms were perfectly chiseled and tan, and he had a six pack to die for. This man has no flaws.Trying not to be too obvious about her gawking, she was finally able to talk.

“What time is it?”

Josh checked his watch. “It’s about 5:30.”

“Wow! I slept like two hours.”

“I know. I enjoyed watching you sleep.”

“Oh geez, I must be the worst date ever.”

“No, I actually fell asleep for a bit too. Then I took a dip in the ocean to clear my mind. It was good.”

“Well, I’m glad.” Laney stretched and stared out at the ocean.

“What do you say we go rinse off in the showers again and get some dinner? There’s this great restaurant I want to take you to.”

“What kind of restaurant is it?”

“I thought we agreed that I was the only one who was in the need to know and you were to be surprised. To answer your question, they serve everything but specialize in seafood. You can wear a cover-up and be fine. However, that little sundress you were wearing earlier will be perfect.”

“You’re a pain.”

He threw his head back and laughed. “Yes, I am.”

“So you liked the sundress?”

“I don’t think I said that. I believe I said it would be perfect for this restaurant. But yes, it is very flattering.”

“You think I’m pretty.” She took a line out of the movie Miss Congeniality, “You think I’m pretty, and you want to kiss me.”

She wasn’t expecting the words would have the same effect as in the movie, but before she knew it, he pushed her back onto the towel and gave her the deepest, most passionate kiss she had ever experienced.

This kiss was something out of the movies. If she had been standing, she would’ve probably melted into his arms.

The kiss seemed to last forever, and yet it was over too soon. His stare was hypnotic. It took her a moment to catch her breath but she couldn’t stop looking into his eyes. They were so beautiful she wanted to get lost in them forever.

He broke the silence. “Yes, I do.”

“Yes you do what?” She sat back up.

“Yes, I do want to kiss you.” He smiled crookedly.

“I’d say so. I certainly didn’t see that coming.”

“Well, there’s something about the element of surprise. Sometimes it can knock you off your feet.”

“That you did.” She touched her hand to her lips to try to hold onto the tingling she had felt.

“Don’t worry. It won’t be the last one.”

“Oh, really?” She smiled at him.

“Yes. There’ll be plenty more to come.”

“What if I’ve decided I’m not that into you?”

“Based on the way you just responded to me, I’d say there isn’t a chance in hell that’s the case.” He got up to his feet and helped her up.

“Is that so? You seem pretty sure of yourself.” She brushed the sand off her arms and legs and put on her flip-flops. She grabbed her towel and began shaking the sand off as Josh shook the sand off his.

“It’s hard not to be when you look like this.” He gestured up and down his body.

“Hot and modest. How did I get so lucky to snag a date with you? You must have your choice of swooning women.”

“You forgot to mention I’m a good kisser.”

She laughed and tried to frown. “Okay, now you’re just being a jerk.” She tucked the towel into her bag.

But he couldn’t be as sure of himself as he claimed, because then he said, “Hey, you know I’m just kidding, right?”

“Well, you are a good kisser, but, don’t let it go to your head.” Laughing, they headed up the beach to the showers. Once they rinsed off, they walked to the car and grabbed some clothes to throw on over their bathing suits. Josh took Laney’s hand and held it as they walked.


c1ffb264-dd3a-40c7-bc57-ca693da8b4cf-10153-00000f553516792c_tmpAbout the Author:

JG Sumner is a Registered Nurse who went rogue. As good as she was at starting IV’s, she enjoys writing the down the stories in her head even more. Most of the time the characters won’t stop pestering her until she has them down on paper.

JG can often be found with a glass of red wine or prosecco in front of her computer. When she’s not creating, she enjoys the outdoors hiking, bike riding, snowboarding, and camping.

JG has a very dry sense of humor, and should never be taken too seriously. She loves to hear from her fans, and even those who aren’t and would love to hear your opinion on her books.

JG writes romantic suspense/thrillers including: A Shot in the Dark, Into the Light, The Surrender Trilogy including Surrender, Shattered, and Saved which will be available through Limitless Publishing soon.

Contact Information
Website: Website domain in process
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jgsumner
Twitter: @jg_sumner

Guest Post:

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About JG Sumner
1. JG Sumner has seven books that will be released this year in addition to a short story that will be part of anthology.
2. JG Sumner has three boys, three dogs, and a tortoise.
3. She is an outdoor enthusiasts. She loves hiking, running, snowboarding, camping, and just about anything else you can do outdoors.
4. JG left the city to live in a rural mountain town. Even though she has shoveled an immense amount of snow this year, she doesn’t regret it for a moment.
5. All of JG’s books are romantic suspense.
6. JG loves to support other authors and provide any advice she can offer.
7. JG loves to hear from her readers and would greatly appreciate any feedback.
8. Red wine is a favorite.
9. Dan Brown has provided much of JG’s inspiration. She loves to learn while reading and tries to incorporate something factual in every piece of work she does.
10. Dark chocolate is her favorite treat.

Why are book covers so important?
This is such a great question. I have seen firsthand what the difference in book covers can mean. I published A Shot in the Dark with two different covers. One under my pen name and the other under my real name. While the first edition sold very well, when I was at book signings, it didn’t get any love at all. At my most recent book signing, people couldn’t keep their hands off the book. The cover was really intriguing to them and it started plenty of conversation. I have even noticed that I get far more compliments and attention online than ever before. So, whether or not someone buys your book, the cover at the very least needs to be eye-catching and a conversation starter.

Starting out as a writer (5 Things You Should Know)
1. Stay out of the drama that surrounds the author world. It can get really negative, and you don’t need that to distract you from what is important.
2. Network with bloggers. Start putting together a list of blogs, their sites, and their email. That way when you have teasers, sales, or information to put out, you have a list at the ready.
3. Network with other authors. Having a circle of author friends can help you learn about takeovers, events, signings, and other pertinent information that will help you promote yourself.
4. Spend at least fifteen minutes every day promoting your work. The more people see your title, the more likely they are to purchase the product.
5. Most importantly, remember why you started writing. Sometimes, rejection and the lack of sales can bring you down. Remember that you write because you enjoy it!

How to Meet Deadlines and Remain Sane
One great thing about self-publishing is you can set your own schedule for writing and release. If you’re published, many editors and publishers will come up with a schedule for edits and release and check to make sure you can meet the deadlines. Either way, it’s important to be self-disciplined to meet your projects goals. If you’re not disciplined, this process can take months and even years. I’m currently in the midst of several editing, writing, and proofreading projects. Unfortunately, the book that I’m almost done with has been put on the backburner for the last four months. Fortunately, no one knows about this project or I might be in some trouble.
So, how do you fix this problem? Prioritize your projects. Get a calendar and put together a schedule for yourself. Before you plan to have a project done by a certain time, make sure it’s doable. If you have two books to edit, another book releasing, and a short story to write, you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed. Believe it or not, when the book is released, that’s when the real work begins. You have to spend an enormous amount of time promoting your book. So, make sure your expectations are realistic.
Next, make sure to write every day. Even if it’s only fifty words. If you put your project down for too long, you’ll forget the story and have to go back and reread, taking up more of your precious time. Further, you might just end up not picking it up for a couple more months. Because whether we like it or not, life gets in the way. If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up. Just make sure to find time in your schedule to make up for the time lost and whatever you do, don’t pile on too many days. With these strategies, you’re sure to be successful and remain sane at the same time.

Authors who have inspired me
1. Dan Brown-I learn something every time I read one of his books.
2. Jamie McGuire-She’s a huge advocate for indie authors. In addition, I love her Beautiful Disaster series.
3. E.L. James-Love her or hate her, she’s opened up a whole new genre. She made women more comfortable with their sexuality and okay to write and read about it.
4. Stephen King-When I was a kid, I love reading his books. They always had me guessing what was going happen next. I love the element of suspense.
5. Aleatha Romig- She’s such a wonderful humble author, and I can’t wait for every book she releases. She makes me want to be a better writer.

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