Find out our good news!

Happy Wednesday! I can’t believe we are almost halfway through the week already. I have some exciting news!

As some of you know, we used to be known as Lunar Haven. After some time our members and blog became inactive. Eventually Marie and I decided to move forward with our own project, which is how Ctrl, Alt, Books was born! The blog for Lunar Haven was deleted and therefore deleted most of our past posts. Luckily we have stumbled upon some old reviews that were posted on Amazon, Goodreads and Lunar Haven. Marie and I have decided to get more exposure for both our new blog and authors, to add these old reviews to our current blog.

Marie and I have decided to post these old reviews to Ctrl, Alt, Books. We will be featuring something we call “Flashback Friday”. These old review posts will not necessarily be the only posts of the day or even the top post, but we would still like to incorporate the old with the new.

We believe this will not only help authors get even more exposure from our old and new followers, but will also help us reconnect with said authors. We are hoping to expand, while also reconnecting with authors that we have worked with in the past. If you have worked with us in the past either through Lunar Haven or Freshly Baked Books (my old personal book blog) and have any of our old reviews, please send them our way! You can email us at

Thank you to our wonderful followers and authors! May you have many good reads in your immediate future!




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