Seduction Squad by Amanda Stewart – Review by Layna

33825384Title: Seduction Squad

Author: Amanda Stewart


Introducing the Seduction Squad: because you can’t get intimate details without getting intimate

As a top agent in the Seduction Squad, Inge knows she’s got killer assets. A smile that entices, a figure with dangerous curves and a lethal talent that brings men to their knees—literally. Sex has a way of getting people to talk, and there’s no secret she can’t uncover.

But information is dangerous. When she’s kidnapped and held prisoner, Inge must use every skill she has to escape…that is, until she meets her captor. Jake is unlike anyone she’s met before: hard, cold and unresponsive to her charms. Tapping into his darkest, most illicit desires is the only way she’ll survive. He’ll force the answers out of her, but it’ll be her pleasure that ultimately binds them together.

Falling for her captor is against protocol. But sleeping with the enemy has never been so satisfying.




The synopsis for Seduction Squad gained my attention and I was curious. This book can get a bit graphic and I must give possible trigger warnings. One might assume after reading the book blurb that it’s just a case of Stockholm syndrome, but that’s not the case at all. You can feel the passion between Jake and Inge, a mutual bond between the two. Although they are from two separate worlds, they can’t help the feelings that begin to grow.

The sex scenes were raunchy and contained BDSM qualities. The story and plot were entertaining but I felt it was a bit lack luster. It didn’t always seem real or plausible and yes I understand that although it’s technically not, I still want to feel like this is a possible romance story. I liked that Jake and Inge were supposed to be enemies and from that, their forbidden love blossomed. I believe this would be better as a full length novel with more description, detail and conflict between the characters. I did enjoy reading Seduction Squad and I want more from the storyline and more of Jake and Inge. This book is meant for those 18 years and older!





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