An Unexpected Baby by Susan Hatler – Review by Layna



An Unexpected Baby

Treasured Dreams #7

Susan Hatler


AN UNEXPECTED BABY is a super short and sweet contemporary romance short story (22 pages, 5600 words).

Holly’s already in over her head when she and her husband receive an offer to adopt a baby. They make a decision on the spot, but Holly’s afraid she’ll regret their choice forever.

What if it’s those unexpected moments in Holly’s life that will make her most treasured dreams come true?



An Unexpected Baby is the final installment in the Treasured Dreams collection and it is truly my favorite. This story really tugged at my heartstrings and brought tears to my eyes. Holly and Dave just had their son, Joe, named after her father. After a year of trying for a baby, they got an offer to adopt a baby. Holly soon found out she was pregnant and they decided against the adoption.

This short story is about Dave and Holly finally finding their dream home, a nice large family house, while struggling with the decision of adoption. As all new parents, they are sleep deprived and trying to adjust to parenthood. It’s a story about the internal struggle that Dave and Holly are both going through, deciding what is right for their family. You can truly feel the emotions that they are going through and the debate on what needs to be done.

The Treasured Dreams series was such sweet, heart-warming read. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Truly a clean, romantic collection of short stories with all the much needed feel goods.



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About the Author:

SUSAN HATLER is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, who writes humorous and emotional contemporary romance and young adult novels. Many of Susan’s books have been translated into German, Spanish, French, and Italian. A natural optimist, she believes life is amazing, people are fascinating, and imagination is endless. She loves spending time with her characters and hopes you do, too.

You can reach Susan here:



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